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As part of our ongoing work, the UCLG Global Observatory periodically gathers data on local governments across the world.

The Pocket Book data were collected by CGLU and DEXIA, with the support within UCLG of the Committee on Local Finance and Development and the sponsorship of Cities Alliance.

The Pocket Book brings together the latest available information on 82 selected countries (in alphabetical order and colour-coded by region).

POPULATION DATA: country population, urban population, population of the capital city and its metropolitan area, country area and population density.

MACROECONOMICS: Gross Domestic Product in current prices, GDP per capita, purchasing power parity, denomination of local currency.

TERRITORIAL ORGANIZATION: State organization (unitary or federal), territorial organization and levels of local self-government.

PUBLIC FINANCE: data on general government and local government total expenditure and investment.

  • General government: Except where otherwise stated, general government includes central government, federated States, local governments, extra-budgetary funds and Social Security Fund.
  • Local Government: Except where otherwise stated, local governments include all tiers, one, two and three depending on the country, together aggregated. Federated States are not taken into account. In Spain, Autonomous Communities are not included in the Local Public Sector. Generally local government refers to local public sector enlarged (ie local governments with affiliated local entities).

With the support of UCLG members and other partners, we hope to expand this database to include more countries.